Some FAQs About Colocation Hosting

In choosing which class of web hosting service to sign up for, colocation is sometimes at the lower bunk. Though it is one of the better Internet hosting services, most clients subscribe for plans that are common, simple and cheap, like free and shared hosting. Get to know more of this web hosting service with the following fast FAQs.

What is colocation?

Colocation hosting is a type of web hosting service similar to a dedicated server hosting but client or the owner provides the server. In this case, you will lease the physical space of the web host's data centre and the high-speed Internet connection. Like server hosting, it can be categorized into two- managed and unmanaged. When the service provider employs an IT team that will manage the client's server, it is the managed kind. When you are the one who will handle all the managerial and administrative functions of the server, it is called as unmanaged colocation.

How is this done?

As a client, you have to ship or deliver your firm's servers to the data centre. These computers are coupled with the web host's high-speed Internet connection. Technical reliability comes from the service provider's UPS, generator backed electrical power, around-the-clock technical support and sleepless physical security.

What benefits can you get from colocation?

Here are some of the advantages you will reap from signing up for a colocation hosting:

  • Web hosts, especially those in Australia, provide better outage protection.
  • High level of security and Internet connection.
  • Data centres require tremendous power voltage. Subscribing for colocation saves costs because enormous power of voltage is shared with other clients.
  • Bandwidth speed and efficiency are optimized.
  • Internal networks are liberated, which can be used to house other functions.

Aside from the benefits of getting involved, choosing one of the web hosts in Australia adds to additional advantages.


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