Cloud Computing and Server Hosting: The Web Hosting Magnates

Among the web hosting services made available by service providers, cloud computing and server hosting are the most powerful classes. Both have different forms but the features and benefits they provide are almost the same. They can store large amount of data, have high speed Internet connection and extreme security. Let us dissect each of these Internet hosting services to know about each others features, advantages and benefits.

You need to lease an entire (dedicated) server to sign up for a server hosting service. Initially, it demands large cost but this will be distributed on the next months and years to come because the huge space and bandwidth will cover the additional requirements. Since your data are housed in an entire server without anyone sharing from it, expect to have a high speed Internet connection and zero downtime.

Furthermore, the absolute control, management and configuration of the server is given to you while the hosting provider can offer add-on services, including server administration, troubleshooting problems and customer service support. Another big feat with leasing a dedicated server is the tight security. Possible threats and data loss is eradicated. With the large bandwidth and disk space, you can actually host the needs of your customers.

Cloud computing is the virtual counterpart of dedicated server, but with more convenience and ease. With this kind of web hosting service, everything is stored in the “cloud” or the Internet. When I say everything, it includes storage, infrastructure and applications. Clearly, there is absence of hardware components, which is a good thing.

Since all your needed resources are already intact in the Internet you can instantly access them, anytime and anywhere you need them. Another glad tiding is that, when you need to expand your resources or install new applications, there is no need to avail for hardware and other tangible needs. Just ask your web host and it will be provided immediately, in a matter of minutes or hours.

Indeed, these two powerful magnates are attracting followers. If you want to be served with either or both of these services, scout for a trustworthy service provider in Australia. IT companies in the Land Down Under combine best price, constant customer care and quality service into one for their clients. Experience the power of server hosting and cloud computing in Australia.


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