The Different Classes of Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service is one of the most in-demand services nowadays. Companies are hoping to engage in a borderless, sleepless and worldwide online buying and selling activities. More and more business websites are created and developed to provide information for the prospects. This high jump in the demand for web designs and web development directly elevates the assistance for web hosting services. After all, there are no other way that websites can be accessed 24/7 in the Internet, other than web hosting, unless of course the company maintains a server, around-the-clock Internet connection and other necessaries.

There are a number of available web hosting services being offered by the service providers, otherwise known as hosting providers. Each type has a different price tag, features, benefits, banes and others. The following statements refer to the most common types along with a brief description about them.

Shared Hosting. This is the cheapest, the simplest and the most common form of web hosting service. Shared hosting is the type wherein the client rents a space in the web server, which is shared by other customers.

Dedicated Server Hosting. This is the type wherein the client leases an entire server, which is not being shared by anyone. Full control and management of the server, including the choice of hardware and software components, is in the hands of the lessee, but the service provider can provide server administration as an add-on services.

Reseller Hosting. When a client signs up for this class, the customer acts as a middleman. The client/company rents a server wherein the disk space is divided and then resold to customers for a lesser price.

Colocation. This is almost the same as dedicated server hosting, except that the owner of the server is the client. Instead of leasing the server, the customer rents a space in the colocation data centre of the web host.

Cloud Computing. This is the current trend in site hosting. Cloud computing service accumulate resources (which usually includes software applications, infrastructure, operating systems and storage) in the Internet is what gives it an edge over the other Internet services. Everyone craves to access such supplies anywhere, anytime and without the need for large servers and other components.

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