Who Are the Players In Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are on the rise, and not even cloud computing-based companies are immune to it. In fact, given the way the hacker community has evolved, this network may become even more susceptible. But how does a community of cybercriminals work? What is their structure?
You may be surprised at the level of organization that they posses:

1. Kingpins – these are the people who gather the specialists needed to do their plans.
2. Middle management – these work directly below the kingpins, organizing the work, arranging payment, as well as convert the wok done into money earned.
3. Malware-kit writers – these are the specialists that create the software and programs needed for the job. Their job is to make it simple enough that even non-technical people can do it.
4. Bot herders – these are the people who use what the malware kit-writers produce. They do the job of infecting other computers, sometimes inserting their own codes to maximize its effectiveness.
5. Flaw finders – these are the people who search the web for vulnerable websites. They will appraise the value of the site, as well as determine how to best steal from it.
6. Card cloners – these are another group of specialists. Their job is to use stolen credit card information and use them to create fake credit card. These can then be used to steal money from ATMs.
7. Cashers – these people have the job of going to the actual ATMs and other card terminals to make the withdrawals. Good ones are so discrete they are never found out.
8. Money mules – these are the people hired to open bank accounts in other countries. This is where thy hide the kingpins’ money after it was stolen.

Smaller companies are susceptible from such organizations. You ought to know just what kind of people are out to attack your data centre.