Getting Acquainted with the Two Types of Dedicated Servers

We can only think of dedicated servers as those huge, powerful servers that are exclusive to one client only. That is right, it is only devoted to a single customer which makes it by far better than a simple shared hosting solution. This unshared condition facilitates high-speed performance, which means lesser chances of traffic jams, possible crashes or data loss. Besides, you are lucky to enjoy the privilege of hosting services other than websites and gain a unique IP address without paying incremental costs. Apart from these irresistibly jaw-dropping features, firewall applications and other security measures are taken in as medicines for your server against threats from computer viruses and hacking.

If you wan to be part of the thousand clients that benefited by server hosting, one of the things you should gain knowledge is the types of dedicated servers. To this day, there are only two kinds that web hosts in Australia provide. These are the unmanaged and managed solutions. In the first type, you are free to do anything you want with the server. Absolute control is given to you. Meaning to say, you decide what operating system to install, the software applications to include and other system configuration settings. This category suits those that have sufficient knowledge in IT and web hosting, both the administration and technical concerns.

The second kind is fit for those that have less learning in IT and web hosting. This is the reason why the web host will take the responsibility of taking care of the server. Additionally, this type is offered at a more expensive price tag than the former. When you get hold of a dedicated server, you can only expect power at its finest. It may be initially expensive but, such huge costs will be overlapped by the long time you can use the equipment and the benefits you can reap.