The Basic Needs of A Web Hosting Service

If you are new to web hosting, you have to know the basic features that a web hosting service must have. When you outsource web hosting to an Australian partner, make sure that the basic needs are carefully taken into account. These necessities are the disk space and the bandwidth.


All web hosts in Australia provide a particular amount of disk space for you to store all your files used in a website. First and foremost, you have to know exactly what files you need so that you can decide about the amount of disk space. For obvious reasons, disk space desired depends on the size of the web page. Examples of files contained in a web site are the text, images, flash animation, audio and videos. Some web hosting service providers include email and log files in the quota. The heavier the files, the more disk space you need and the higher the price you will be going to pay.

Another thing is that you should not use too much disk space. Though all service providers have their different policies, it is known that an extra space serves you a penalty.


On the other hand, bandwidth refers to the amount of data that you are permitted to transfer. In other words, it pertains to the amount of traffic which is allowed to happen between your web page and all others over the Internet. This includes all uploads and downloads.

Going further, it depends on the number of visitors (traffic) per month, the average number of page size and the number of pages browsers visit. The more bandwidth you subscribe, the higher the number of traffic will be handles by your web site.