Disaster Recovery in a Web Hosting Facility

Customer servers down, electricity interruptions and destruction of servers are some of the horrendous nightmares that web hosts always to shy away from. Scary as they seem even when you hear it but these fortuitous events do occur. When these things happen, there must be disaster recovery. As a client of service providers, this is something you should really know and check out.

In choosing the right web hosting partner in Australia, be sure to evaluate their disaster recovery plan which includes future planning, backup collocation centers and infrastructure protection.

To combat power failure, there is a need for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which is also known as battery/flywheel backup. This is an apparatus which supplies emergency when electricity interruptions arrive. These are mainly used to protect computers, telecommunication equipment, data centers and others as well. It is better that web hosts do have more than one UPS so that when one UPS fails, there will be another source of power supply.

In addition to it, generators are a must-have. In case the all UPS are out as well, these generators will provide the electricity. They are in need to be tested every month to evaluate overall capacity and to see any problems before an unfavorable occurrence happens. On the other hand, multiple Internet connections are required to run fast and 24/7 web hosting services. The same reason as with power supplies applies on this.

All servers have to be backed up with a central backup system. This system should be regularly audited to ensure that all are working and if there is a problem, it will be immediately fixed. The thing is that not only the vital equipments are safeguarded from any disaster, either man-made or natural or both. The entire infrastructure must be given utmost protection. Losing these facilities is like running a business in the air. So if you want your web site and its data to be secured, pick an Australian partner which has a solid disaster recovery plan and implementation.


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